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Hex is able to cast a huge amount of spells in a very small amount of time (similar to early computers that were used to do multiple calculations in a short space of time), thus reducing the need for humans to do so (a source of disgruntlement to the Faculty ) and garnering results that it would take a team of research wizards weeks, months or even years to get. For instance, Hex casts the spells required to create Roundworld in less than a minute, when the predicted it would take months.

Hex was unfortunately sent daft by a conversation with the nike blazer low gt qs shoes online
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. This was cured soon after by Mustrum Ridcully with the use of dried frog pills (Ridcully wrote, hurriedly, "L-O-T-S-O-F-D-R-Y-D-F-R-O-R-G-P-¼-L-L-S"). If Hex believes what it's told, and it's told that it's had lots of Dried Frog Pills, then Hex will believe that it's had lots of Dried Frog Pills. This appears to be a reference to an early computer virus that caused the computer to display a message "Computer wants a Cookie", and freeze until "COOKIE" or "HAVECOOKIE" was typed in. As described by guerrilla ontologist Robert Anton Wilson, this was frequently done to large mainframes in the USA in the 1960 s and 1970s: the response of the computer to the prompt "COOKIE" was usually "Yummy, that was good" followed by a return to normal programming.

Also during Hogfather , Hex revealed that it has the ability to believe in things such as the Hogfather, and even wrote a list to the Hogfather. Death (who was the stand-in for the Hogfather at the time) had no idea what most of the items were, but apparently succeeded in giving Hex its new FTB (which was abbreviated, to the embarrassment of Stibbons, from Fluffy Teddy Bear) and now Hex throws a tantrum whenever the FTB is taken away.

Hex has also been tied to the clacks network, creating the Disc's first modem. Hex was able to crack the clacks codes used by, say, the Assassins' Guild or Fools' Guild , and adding them to a message it sends. In fact, Hex recently cracked the Grand Trunk 's code, allowing its messages to be read as part of their internal signalling. Every week, Hex then sends a message to company headquarters to readjust the number of messages sent. The wizards take advantage of this (at least, after they find out about it) to send a long message to air jordan 11 space jam release date 2016 pilot
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Defining your company’s future during disruptive timescan be difficult. At Attention, we offer the expertise you needto develop high quality, fast-to-market, award-winning products.

As product development experts, we research the users’ needs, create great designs, detail with precision and deliver final products.

We call these core servicesDiscover, Design, Detailand Deliver.

“As a premium supplier, we need to be ahead of the game – so why use an agency like Attention? We do it to break the routine, offer innovative solutions through fresh eyes, to increase differentiation, become more flexible regarding resources and to lower risk of surprises to improve forward planning.”

Anthony Evans, Director of Product Management at Nilfisk

“As a result of working with Attention, we have, in a very short amount of time, gone from being a company driven by a great enthusiasm for technology, to instead discussing what value we wish to deliver to whom – from specs to value, you could say. It is a philosophy that has already manifested itself at several levels of the organisation.”

Mads Frederiksen, Enterprise Performance Management Business Development SAVING LIVES WITH EFFICIENT PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT

Techturup came to Attention for help with the product development of Trygfonden’s Rescue Ladder.

Itis designed to save lives and eliminate drowning accidents in harbours, particularly at night – an important issuethat wasinneed of a thought-through solution.

Attention took care of thedevelopment, which included product workshops with stakeholders,detailing of theproduct design,sourcing and specificationof materials, the cradle-to-cradle plan, and the verification and validation testing.

The ladderswill be set upin harbours throughoutDenmark by 2019.

Cochlear partnered up with Attention for the redesign of their hearing implant, the Baha 5 Sound Processer.

Extensive user research, innovativedesign and technical expertise all came together, and the result was a natural looking and discrete device that matched the users’ needs.

This was made possible by avast amount of research with health care professionals and people with hearing loss in multiple markets.



What’s za’atar? This spice mix is everything. Try it out with this sautéed tofu with spring vegetables recipe.

Mooove over, dairy — there are new milks on the block. Find out if plant-based milks are right for you.

This flavorful recipe shows off the season’s best, starring bold blood oranges, peppery shaved radish, and savory black olives.

Is bee pollen really a natural allergy reliever and energy booster? Our dietitians clear up what’s backed by science and what’s just buzz (pun intended).

“Squash” your hunger with this perfect winter salad full of hearty farro and fiber-loaded vegetables

Should you be concerned about the carrageenan in plant-based milks, yogurts, and coffee drinks? Find out what the science says about the controversial food additive.

Have you tried sardines yet? Don’t knock ‘em til you’ve tried this heart healthy and sustainable fish — avocado-toast style.

Sugar-free, gluten-free, soy-free, nut-free… are you feeling overwhelmed yet? Get the real story on whether you should be avoiding all these ingredients.

Let spaghetti squash, a nutrient-rich, lower-calorie, pasta-like vegetable, be the star of your plate, alongside melted leeks and black peppercorn

Do you care about whether your food was grown locally or raised humanely? Or are you more interested in protein vs. carbs?

Whatever your priorities, we can help you chew the right thing. At Bon Appétit, we’re working toward “food service for a sustainable future.” How we define that is a mouthful , but the bottom line is that we strive to cook delicious food that’s good for you, the animals, the workers, the community, and the Earth —because they’re all connected. And we’re proud to be the nike free og 14 woven red throw
in these areas.

We’re here to support you by giving the information you need to choose wisely. Visit our Wellness page for a feast of information about the roles our nike air jordan 4 retro bred blackcementfire red roof
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, and other sustainability programs can play on your menu.

Refreshing and juicy but with a toasted complexity that is balanced by the lime,this unique appetizer is as tasty as it is hydrating. Serves 12. 1 medium watermelon Zest of 1 lime 1/4 cup plus 2 tablespoons lime juice (about 5-6 limes), divided 1 tablespoon olive oil 2 tablespoons honey 1 teaspoon cayenne pepper 1/4 …Read More

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